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Education in Action at The Training Wall

Education in Action at The Training Wall

Author: Alcide Guzman/Wednesday, January 1, 2020/Categories: Update Newsletters


In the past few years at The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City, The Training Wall, a 3,000-square-foot area on the Show Exhibit Floor, has grown in prominence and scope to become a multi-educational event that literally “Takes Your Learning to the Next Level”!

Titled “Education in Action at the Training Wall,” it is a learning benefit to every employee in your company. What’s more, while you and your team are walking the exhibit floor, you can stop by at The Wall throughout the day for different programming to improve your skills in small doses or large as each part of The Wall is a continuous learning experience.

Here is the schedule of events at The Learning Wall:

Tuesday, January 28 & Wednesday, January 29:

11:30 am: Tile Repairs and Renovations*

12:00 pm: Energy Efficiency

12:30 pm: Electricity

1:00 pm: Troubleshooting Heaters*

1:30 pm: Tile Repairs and Renovations*

2:00 pm: Shotcrete Uncovered

2:30 pm: Lighting Design

3:00 pm: Troubleshooting Heaters*

3:30 pm: Tile Repairs and Renovations*

*Participation in this demonstration requires pre-registration and is not included as part of your Show Badge or Technical Pass.  All attendees are welcome to view the demo as it happens.

Thursday, January 30:

10:30 am: Electricity

11:00 am: Energy Efficiency

12:00 pm: Shotcrete Uncovered

12:30 pm: Lighting Design

Here’s a more in-depth look at the programming at The Training Wall:

Coping and Decking for Vinyl Liner Pools

There are many challenges involved with the installation of brick or stone coping on vinyl liner swimming pools due to the inability to achieve proper compression rates on the backfill. In addition, replacing a traditional reinforced Gunite bond beam with metal or polymer materials creates issues with adhesion, expansion, structural integrity and settling. Adherence to materials selection, application means, and failure mitigation is imperative. Following the “best practices” with regards to installation methods is crucial to achieve results that will provide long term durability and consumer satisfaction.  

Electricity for the Service Professional

Get a thorough review of different style meters and their uses and become familiar with the common tests used in the industry. These include:

1. Meter set-up and usage. This session will cover the various meter types, understanding their ratings, symbols and common settings used in the pool and spa industry.

2. Testing AC Voltage. This session will cover the meter set-up and proper testing of AC voltage and how to properly troubleshoot voltage issues.

3. Testing Resistance. This session will cover meter set-up and testing of resistance on some common items used in the industry.

4. Capacitor Testing. This session will cover the meter set-up and proper testing of capacitors.

5. Testing Amperage. This session will cover the meter set-up and testing of amperage. We will also instruct on troubleshooting devices that operate outside their listed amperage rating.

Energy Efficiency

New DOE (Department of Energy) regulations, adopted in 2017, will take effect in less than 18 months. These will require most swimming pool pumps to meet minimum energy efficiency standards. What this means for the pool professional is that variable speed pumps will become the new normal for most new and renovated pools in the United States. How much energy will be conserved? How much money will this save your customers over the life of the pump? Using energy calculators in conjunction with fully programmable variable speed pumps, you will have the chance to see firsthand how this operational cost savings can be determined so you can ease your customer’s mind and improve your sales process, giving you a leg up on your competition.

Troubleshooting Heaters

This workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn hands-on locations of critical heater parts and their functions. Students will learn to identify parts such as the gas valve, 24v transformer, headers, burners and ignition source. Testing locations and parameters will be covered, such as gas test ports and pressures, and electrical test locations & voltages. Commonly serviced components will be accessed, and procedures for removal and replacement will be demonstrated, including the burner tray, individual burners, inlet/outlet header, and heat exchanger. Limited class size ensures more individual instruction with open conversation and discussion, directly addressing questions arising from within this instructional event.

Tile Repairs and Renovations

This is a unique classroom and hands-on opportunity will ensure that you walk away from The Show ready to use what you have learned on your company’s next tile and coping job. In addition to classroom training, get one-hour of hands-on tile and coping installation at The Training Wall.

Shotcrete Uncovered

Take a look at shotcrete pool construction like you never have before. Join industry experts as they take you through both the right way and the wrong ways to prepare, shoot and finish a shotcrete pool shell.

Lighting Design

In the old days, lighting was put into the pool so that it could be used at night. Now lighting is so much more. Learn how to effectively make lighting part of the aesthetic background of the pool setting. Learn how to create even distribution of lighting throughout the pool to add nighttime ambiance to the setting. In this session both safety and aesthetics are stressed.


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