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Workplace Safety Resources 
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CNA presents following materials to address the primary causes of accidents in construction. We encourage NESPA Members to take this opportunity to get updated on the most recent risk control management strategies and share with your colleagues and contractors to help promote safer job sites.

Trending Topics:

•   Cut Down Your Silica Exposure

•   Sun Exposures for Contractors

•   Safety Resources for Confined Spaces

•   Working in Confined Spaces – English and Spanish

Fall Prevention
Help limit your fall risk exposures:

Preventing Falls in Construction: audio presentation

Four Ways to Stay of Top of Fall Prevention: interactive bulletin

Skin Cancer Awareness for Construction Workers

With cases of melanoma on the rise, construction workers who spend the majority of their time working outside without sun protection are at risk:

• Skin Cancer Awareness for Construction Workers: webinar

Sun Exposures for Contractors

Distracted Driving

Take action to prevent distracted driving:

Cell Phone Policy Example - NEW!

• Distracted Driving: audio presentation in English and Spanish

• Negligent Entrustment: bulletin

• Cell Phone Use Guide: bulletin

10 Tips to Drive Down Auto Distractions 

•  Cell Phone Policy Example

•  Load Securement – Synthetic Webbing

•  Load Securement

•  Chains and Binders



Return-to-Work Job Bank

Return-to-Work Self Audit

Timely Notice of Loss Calculator

Transitional Work Savings Calculator

More Risk Control Resources
• Drones - Getting a Safer Birds Eye View

• Safety Resources for Confined Spaces

• Working in Confined Spaces

• PrepWise: Year-round Preparedness Resources

• Motion is Money(R) - Overview English and Spanish

• Tips for Lifting and Moving Awkward Loads in English

• Material Organization in English and Spanish

• Portable Ladder Safety in English and Spanish

• Strains and Sprains: What You Should Know in English and Spanish

• Power Tools Safety Tips in English

OSHA and Safety Online Courses

Additional Risk Control Resources

Find more information about CNA's products, services and free resources here

more articles & resources

Pool Chemical Safety and Storage for Retailers (by CNA Insurance)
A number of pool chemicals, especially those exhibiting oxidation properties, can potentially be highly reactive and capable of generating high temperatures, as well as releasing toxic vapors if improperly handled or stored.  What can you do to protect your business, your employees and your customers? READ MORE

Safely Operating the Service Truck (by CNA Insurance)

Learn the simple rules for safer driving including defensive driving tips, how to avoid distractions, managing blind spots and the best practices for your drivers.  READ MORE.

Slip, Trip and Fall: Accident Control
It might be a visitor. It might be a customer.  It might be your own employee.  Overall slips, trips and falls account 10%-30% of insurance claims for employees and the general public. Learn the steps you can take to prevent your company from these injuries. READ MORE

OSHA: Crystalline Silica Rule (Fact Sheet)
OSHA is issuing two standards to protect workers from exposure to respirable crystalline silica—one for construction, and the other for general industry and maritime—in order to allow employers to tailor solutions to the specific conditions in their workplaces. READ MORE




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