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​Member Spotlight: Ben Basch

​Member Spotlight: Ben Basch

Author: Alcide Guzman/Monday, March 1, 2021/Categories: News, Update Newsletters, Member Spotlight

How long have you worked in the pool & spa industry?

I started in the industry as a lifeguard thirty-five years ago. I began working full-time in the swimming pool service after college, and that was 26 years ago.


How has being a part of NESPA impacted your career?

Regular attendance at the Pool and Spa show in Atlantic City gave me a more comprehensive view of the Aquatic Industry beyond multifamily management. It has always been a great conduit for me to learn about new products, train, and build relationships. Over the years, the team at NESPA has been an incredible resource for information and support in navigating compliance and industry challenges.


What was your first industry job?

My entry into the aquatics industry was as a Lifeguard, and my first full-time position in the industry was as a construction laborer working on renovations.


What is your favorite pool project that you have worked on, and why?

This is a really hard question because there are so many jobs I've been really proud of over the years for different reasons. We did a renovation of the Chapel Beach Club in Sea Bright, NJ, after Hurricane Sandy. The storm filled the main pool with beach sand and completely washed out under the pool deck, so it dropped and broke all the lines. The kiddie pool lifted and needed to be torn out.  A new kiddie pool was designed and built along with the restoration of the main pool. Our team did an amazing job working with the owners, and the whole facility came back better than new on time for the next season to the delight of their members.


What are the key skills or traits a person needs to be successful in our industry?

Integrity is a pre-requisite for success in any industry. You can't build a functional team and repeat business if your word isn't. When you do what you say, you're are going to do and deal fairly. You have to build trust with your team and clients.


Tell us about your favorite Pool & Spa Show memory?

I remember going to the show the first time. It was my first year working in the industry full-time. The road trip from Maryland with the rest of the crew and then the opportunity to walk the floor and see all the equipment and ask the reps questions really impacted me and helped me see the opportunities in the industry.


When you aren't working, you are…?

Getting our two kids where they need to go for sports practices and enjoying the Jersey Shore with family and friends.


What is something that most people don't know about you (fun fact)?

I'm an avid doodler. If there's a pen and paper, I'm drawing even when I'm completely focused on something else.


Who inspires you?

My kids inspire me every day. I love watching them discover new interests and navigate their challenges. It reminds me not to get too stuck in my thinking and to maintain a growth mindset.


What's one thing - either industry-related or not - you learned in the last month?

I've been doing a fair amount of cooking while we're living in a more remote world. I made a pretty kick-ass Cioppino (fisherman's stew) and always look forward to trying a new recipe.


If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza. I will never get sick of good pizza.




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