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President's Message

President's Message

​Partner with Your Customer by Sharing Safety Information for a Fun Summer

Author: Alcide Guzman/Wednesday, July 1, 2020/Categories: News, Update Newsletters, President's Message

As we hit the mid-point of the summer, families are making the decision to stay close to home. Swimming pools and the variety of activities that occur in and around them offer bathers a chance to cool off, exercise and bring some fun to what has been a tough time for so many.

The benefits of these activities cannot be overstated and are equally important for every generation in the family from grandparents to toddlers.  Swimming is a great low-impact way to exercise, which can help relieve stress and lower anxiety, something that everyone can benefit from right now.  Swimming is also a great way for kids to blow off steam, especially when other options might be limited.

Learning to swim is more than just a tool for kids to have fun in the water.  It is also an essential life skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.  As pool and spa professionals, we need to do our part to educate our customers about pool safety and how they can monitor bathers of all ages in the pool.  Each of us must ensure that the pools we build and service meet the highest safety standards.  Homeowners need to do their part in maintaining a safe pool environment at their homes.  We often talk about the “layers of protection” around the pool.  The key to making these layers of protection effective is having attentive adult supervision around any pool when it is in use. Next, there needs to be safety measures implemented so that no one can access the water when they are not supposed to do so.

Swimming risks are not unique to pools. There are accidents in our local lakes, streams, and oceans that are regularly reported.  In fact, these unsupervised waterways pose a significantly greater risk for even seasoned swimmers.  

Partnering with your customers and sharing key safety resources is just another way we can be of service and create long-term relationships with our clients.  Be sure to check out resources and information on NESPA’s website.

Mitch Katz, CBP, CSP
The Land of Elite
NESPA President



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