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You've asked and we've answered!  NESPA has compiled essential marketing tips to help boost your business.  These tips are from top marketing professionals who have written for our magazine, The Edge, or have presented at The Pool & Spa Show.  We've taken their insights and created easy to follow and use tip sheets.

Get ready to sharpen your marketing tools!

Marketing Topics

In the pool and spa industry today, you need a website that works for you. Your website should be easy for your potential customers to use and it should convert site visitors into customers.The following tips are general best practices for creating a great site.  Learn more.

In 2016, Google made some subtle yet significant changes that will impact the pool and spa industry. All of these shifts impact how—and more importantly if—a business may be found online by prospects and customers.  Learn more.

  • How to Wow Today's Tech Savvy Clients with Your Sales Presentation
    Technology is the rock star of today – literally. It is not uncommon for people to line up for days to be first to buy the newest phone or gadget being released. As a successful pool designer, I enjoy bringing these two worlds together. From the first contact through implementation, I utilize technology throughout the process. Learn more

  • Fix Your 'Ready, Fire, Aim' Marketing
    What’s all this fuss about digital media? Yes, it’s a great addition to any company’s arsenal of marketing tools, but it’s not the reason why prospects ultimately choose to do business with you. It’s a tactic and while marketing tactics are critically important to every business, the underlying cause for business success lies in your marketing strategy. Learn more.
  • Six Relationship Building Tips
    Relationship is the new name of the game in sales. The relationships forged with customers and clients will lead to the sales of the future. Here are a few simple relationship building tips and techniques that you need to use.
  • Secrets to Successful Selling
    Our current economy with all of its problems and difficulties is now the new reality. If you are planning on things getting back to where they were before the ‘crash’ anytime soon, I suggest you find another plan. Learn more.

Marketing Stats

Ever wonder what marketing strategies other pool and spa companies are using to promote their businesses?  Get answers and insights in the 2017 Pool & Spa Industry Survey.

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