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Gain increased credibility & a competitive advantage with customers. Plus, connect with new customers through our Find A Professional Online locator.

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From pool openings to closings and everything in between, we provide year-round education on the latest business & technical topics for everyone in your company.



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No need to dig through dozens of websites or deal with government red tape, NESPA has the info you need.

Fighting for Our Industry

NESPA is your voice on legislation & regulation impacting the industry on a local, state and national level.


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Membership Types

Category Two

Regular Membership ($585): Your company's primary business is builder / installer, service company, retail store, or professional pool management. 

Auxiliary ($150): For NESPA-PHTA member parent company.

Single Person Service Company ($225): Person servicing and maintaining swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, water features.

Category Three

Allied Supplier ($585): Manufacturers and distributors not directly related to the manufacture or operation of pools, spas, or hot tubs, but more related to the backyard experience. 

Professional Affiliate ($585): Firms or individuals that provide professional services. Includes consultants in designing, building, and operation, architects, landscapers, finance and lending firms, bookstores, advertising, PR, and insurance agencies/agents. 

Professional Pool Operator ($150): Individual employed by a firm outside the pool and spa industry or by a professional pool management firm. 

Associate ($100): Individual associated with a nonprofit organization, government entity, trade or professional association, research or academic institution. 

Auxiliary ($100): Distributor / Manufacturer Any full-time employee or wholly owned branch operation of a member trading under the same company name and same industry segment as a parent firm.  Parent company must be a member for application to be approved. 

Retiree ($150): Individual formerly in the pool and spa industry for 10 years and is a least 55 years old and is no longer working in the industry. 


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NESPA Guidelines

All applications for membership to NESPA are also applications to PHTA and the local PHTA/NESPA chapter based on the geographical location of the member.

*Applicants must be within NESPA's 4 Chapter regions to apply for membership

Within NESPA there are 5 chapters: Connecticut Spa and Pool Association (CONSPA); Metro New York and New Jersey Chapter
encompassing all of New York City, Rockland and West Chester Counties, the Eastern half of New York State and all of Northern New Jersey; Long Island Pool and Spa Association (LIPSA); and Penn Jersey Chapter encompassing all of Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

All applications for membership will be presented to the local PHTA/NESPA Chapter for approval. Chapters may have additional criteria for membership approval.

Non-members and applicants awaiting chapter approval of membership may not use the NESPA or PHTA logos.

Providing false information or failing to provide required information on this application is grounds for denial of membership.

Full payment of annual dues must accompany this application for membership. Checks should be made payable to Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA). Checks will be deposited to prevent theft or loss. Acceptance of applicants check does not constitute acceptance of membership.

The membership dues year begins when final approval from Chapter is confirmed.

The Constitution and Bylaws of PHTA, NESPA and the Chapter shall be adhered to at all times. Members agree to the organizations Bylaws and Governance Policies concerning the use of the name and registered logo.

In the event that membership is terminated for non-payment or any other reason, all rights to use the NESPA-PHTA Affiliate name, the logo, the Chapter name and/or logo, and any registered trademarks is terminated.

Continued use of the logo violates federal and state law and may result in prosecution.

Contributions or gifts to NESPA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. However, dues payments may be tax deductible as expense contained in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. NESPA estimates that the non-deductible portion of your dues (allocable to lobbying expense) is 7%.

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