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Best Practices for Waterproofing Systems Installation & Glass Tile Installation
August 14 - 15, 2019
NESPA Headquarters
6B South Gold Drive Hamilton, NJ 08691

Training to take place over two days to allow for ample time with each subject & the materials to be ready to work with Waterproofing and Tile are installed in stages/steps that need to set up properly before we can progress on with the training.

Instructor: Rick Nelson /NPT 

Price: Member $650 | Non-Member $850

Day 1 
Water ProofingIng Systems Installation  
Wed 8/14   8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Classroom training on mortar bed and waterproofing systems installation (Taught from a “Best Practices” perspective)

  • What is waterproofing?
  • What is a mortar bed and what is purpose
  • Understanding the different types of  modified mortar beds and waterproofing membranes within the pool industry
  • What to look for before you begin installation of a waterproofing system
  • Common mistakes associated with waterproofing installation
    Mortar bed application and waterproofing application.
  • Step by Step instruction on both disciplines including
  • How to install a bonded mortar bed with modified mortars
  • How to apply waterproof membranes on tile mortar beds and bond beams

Q & A and follow ups

Day 2
Glass Tile Installation  
Thurs 8/15   830-430

Classroom training on glass tile installation (Taught from a “Best Practices” perspective)

  • General overview of the process
  • Identify types of glass ok to be used in pools
  • What tools do you need to be successful?
  • What can go wrong?
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Proper techniques for cutting glass tile
  • Thin Sets, grouts and bonded mortar beds, a better understanding of their role in the installation
    Glass tile installation, both mesh mounted and paper faced and were to install expansion joints.
  • Tricks of the trade in action
  • How to cut glass tile
  • Pros and Cons of each tile mounting system
  • Why 100% contact is mandatory and how to achieve it
  • Timing is everything; knowing when to pull the paper
  • Grouting tile
  • expiation joint installation
  • cleaners and sealers for glass tile

Q & A and follow ups

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