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NESPA Quarter Century Club

The Quarter Century Club brings together industry leaders to celebrate their longevity in the industry and to help contribute to the pool and spa industry’s ongoing success.

Now Accepting Applications!

Been in the pool & spa industry for 25 years or more?

Volunteered for NESPA, PHTA or your local chapter for at least 5 years? 

If the answer is YES, you are eligible to be a part of the Quarter Century Club!


Review the guidelines for eligibility online and if you qualify please fill out an application.  The completed application must be emailed or faxed to NESPA’s office by January 6, 2020.

Additional recognition is available to members of the QCC for levels and period of activity that is greater than the entry level - 30 year, 35 year, 40 year, 45 year and 50 year member.  To receive this recognition please complete this application

New and current members will be invited to the Annual Club Breakfast at The Pool and Spa Show in Atlantic City on January 29th.  New members will be inducted at this meeting.


Questions? Contact NESPA at 609-689-9111.

Applications to Join or for a Membership Upgrade can be sent via fax: 609-689-9110 or email: tgriffith@nespapool.org.


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