Out of town and need to clean your pool? Friends and family on the way and you’re running late? No problem. Wireless systems are now available that allow you to control pool and spa cleaning, lighting, water features, water temperature and almost anything else pool-or- spa-related from a smart phone or web-connected device.

Push-button automation for pools and spas has been available for several years – with most systems allowing the homeowner to control pool and spa heating, cleaning, chemical management, and lighting systems from inside the home. The rapid advancement of wireless technology has added an entirely new dimension to these automation benefits.

Smart technology adds significantly to the enjoyment of a pool or spa.  There’s no longer a need to be physically present onsite to initiate maintenance functions, or to turn on lights, the heater or other devices.

Once a wireless application is programmed, a touch of a button activates the desired systems. Individual functions, like turning on the pump or heater, can be set up. Or, an entire dashboard of possibilities can be programmed for a variety of situations.

If you are having a party, you can push one button and the system knows to turn on the gazebo and landscaping lights, activate the water features, heat the water, and turn on the spa.  On another day, you might just want to have the patio lights on and the spa heated by the time you are home from work. You can make any set of functions operate from my smart phone anywhere or anytime.

While wireless pool and spa controls are the market’s most exciting new entry, it’s the automated systems themselves that are the real heroes in terms of convenience and time savings. Some of the most popular automation systems are salt-based chlorine generators, automatic valve actuators that control water flow from pool returns to water features and spa jets, and robotic cleaning systems.  On the higher end of automation, but still very popular in new pools, are in-floor cleaning systems. These systems do a very good job of keeping the pool clean, and significantly reduce the need for hands-on pool maintenance.