What’s bigger than a hot tub, smaller than a pool, but offers the benefits of both? It’s a new generation of spas that delivers something for everyone, whether your interest is relaxation, therapy, fitness or fun with friends and family.

Spas have come a long way from the original hot tubs designed just for soaking. Today’s spas are a whole new class of products with virtually unlimited amenities.

Body-Soothing Therapy

The benefits of warm water therapy have long been recognized, and the spa industry has continued to expand the way the “ahhh” factor of warm water is delivered.  No matter where the body aches, one spa can deliver relief. Many designs feature multiple water jet styles and seat levels, each designated for a specific body area.”

Salt systems that mimic the benefits of natural hot water mineral springs are another popular feature. The salt adds buoyancy, has a soft feel and gives the skin a beautiful, healthy sheen.

Swimming and Fitness

Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the benefits of swimming and exercise in full-size fitness spas that measure as large as 16’ x 8”. Fitness spas can include a swim stream, as well as resistance band attachments to simulate rowing, lifting and other muscle building exercises. 

Beautiful Aesthetics

For those who love the look and sound of water as much as the feeling of it, waterfalls and multi-colored LED lights can turn a spa into an artful focal point for an outdoor 
entertainment area. Another exciting innovation is the introduction of the Covana, a combination cover and hard-topped, Gazebo-style roof that raises and lowers with a remote control. Manufactured by Sterling Leisure Products, the roof provides privacy and sun protection while up, and safety and peace of mind when closed.

Whatever your reasons for adding a warm-water oasis to your home, Northeast Spa & Pool Association members can help you choose the design that’s right for you, and recommend ways to assure the safe enjoyment of your spa.  

For more information, visit the Northeast Spa & Pool Association website at
www.nespapool.org. You’ll find information on NESPA members, photos of award-winning designs, and a wealth of information on how to build, operate and maintain a safe pool or spa.