There are three broad types of inground pools including the concrete pool, the vinyl liner pool and the fiberglass pool.


Inground concrete pools. The most popular concrete pools today are shotcrete/gunite pools, which are created by spraying wet concrete against steel reinforcing bar (rebar) to create the pool. The pool is then finished with a cementitious surface. These pools can take any shape including free-form, geometric and so much more.


Inground vinyl liner pools. The vinyl-liner pool arrives at the pool site as various components, produced in a factory and assembled onsite. After the pool site is excavated, footings are poured and panel walls are assembled and fastened together supported by the footings. Once the walls are in place, a vinyl liner is spread out over the interior and connected to the panel walls.


Fiberglass pools. The fiberglass pool is manufactured in a factory and arrives at the pool site on a large flatbed truck, ready to be installed in the ground. This pool is a complete pool shell with all of the cut-outs for drains, returns and skimmers.


Special design and special features pools.

There are many special design and special features pools from which to choose. There are the vanishing edge or zero edge pools, mini pools, cocktail pools, lap pool, outdoor enclosed pools, and indoor pools for that year-around swim. There is a pool to fit every want, need and budget.


What type of inground pool is your style?