Owning your very own swimming pool and spa is never about one single thing like exercise or entertainment, but about so much more. Before you meet with a builder, think about what you want to get out of the pool and spa.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Family togetherness.
Is bringing the family together important for you? If so, there is literally nothing like a pool and spa and additional recreation-oriented equipment to do it. It is an ever-present amenity that’s ready to be used…for that spur of the moment gathering or a long planned party. It’s perfect for an afternoon barbecue or a long night under the stars. If you are always wondering where the kids are, build that pool and spa this year and you will know exactly where they are and you will get to know all of their friends as well.

Exercise and health.
How important is using the pool for exercise and the spa for relaxation? 
Many pool customers of the builders of the Northeast Spas & Pool Association have told them that exercise was not on their radar when they first purchased their new pool and spa. As time went on, however, it became more important. Pools offer cardiovascular and health benefits to so many members of the family at different times in their lives. For older people, it can literally be a life-extending experience.

If you have owned a pool before or visited people who do, then you know how important to sheer aesthetics of the project can be. Keep that in mind when you meet with your builder to discuss the project. What will the views from the house be like…the sounds of running water…the lighting at night.

Unlike almost any other recreation-oriented purchase you can make, the pool and spa is right there for you when you want it whether for that weekend getaway where you never have to leave home or that staycation for a relaxing time off from work without the hassle of traffic or air travel.

Stress reduction.
Got a high-pressured life? Most of us do! Plan in a major dose of stress reduction when you plan your pool and spa project. A brisk swim will get your heart racing in the morning prior to work; a relaxing soak in the hot water of a spa can help ease the day away in the evening. Here in the Northeast, people tend to think of the pool and spa just for the warm season. If the spa is planned right, with separate controls, you can keep it running well into the cool season or all winter long. Naturally, if you opt for an indoor pool and spa, it will be available 365 days a year…rain or shine.

Is entertainment important to you? Along with recreation, one of the often-mentioned reasons to own a swimming pool and spa today is its entertainment value. The pool and spa can be a setting for the elegant party, the casual barbecue, people over to watch the ballgame on the outdoor flat-screen TV, the teenage party and the extended family gatherings. One Northeast Spa & Pool Builder told us that on completing a pool recently, within weeks it became the site of a wedding with 500 delighted quests in attendance.

At the beginning of the project, create your ideal wish list of the things you want. Leave nothing off of your list because you think it might be too expensive. Focus on the complete dream. If something is too expensive, it can be cut later.

For now, focus on what you really want from the project.

Ready to make your dream a reality? Contact a builder at the Northeast Spa & Pool Association