Nothing brings the family together like the shared fun and memories of summers around a pool of your own. With the economy and weather improving here in the Northeast, now is the time to begin planning for that dream pool that can be ready this year and used for many seasons to come. And if you already have a pool, there is no time like the present to open it…well in advance of Memorial Day Weekend…with the help of a pool professional from the Northeast Spa & Pool Association.

“I cannot think of anything better than family and friends together at poolside,” commented
John C. Migliaccio, CPO, CBP, president of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA). “As every pool owner knows and every new pool owner quickly learns, children love the pool and boy, do they use it: when you have a pool, you know where your children are, you know who their friends are and you know that they are in for a fun time in a safe environment.”

“As for the grown-ups in the family, there is nothing like an exhilarating dip in the pool after work to chase away the stress of the day or after a vigorous workout to ease tight muscles. I am involved in the Avon Three-Day Walk for Breast Cancer where I walk 60 miles over three days. At the end of that journey, I head straight for my own pool to relax, recoup and reinvigorate.”

Migliaccio’s pool customers tell him that a day around the pool is just like a trip to the ocean or to the lake, but without all the hassle of traffic and congestion. During the season, he himself hosts an “open house” every Sunday at his pool where friends and family are extended an open invitation. It’s a casual affair and he never knows who will come, but everyone who does is guaranteed an afternoon of fun and relaxation. He conveys to all his customers what a satisfying and enjoyable experience it is to have that “entertainment area” right in your own backyard!

The association president feels most homeowners in the market for a new swimming pool today might be stunned by the variety of  designs and accessories that are available as well as exciting, new technology that can allow them to control every aspect of the pool from a smartphone--in the house, at work or across the country.

Interested in a new pool? NESPA suggested visiting some of the social media sites like Pinterest where those interested in a new pool can collect designs and landscaping ideas to incorporate into their own new projects. A great resource that many Pinterest users turn to for pool design and style ideas is the association’s website page of industry design award winners:
Inspiration Gallery

Whether you plan to build a new pool or open an existing one, NESPA has a Locater available for homeowners through which they can contact the finest pool professionals in the Northeast.
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