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NJ Licensing Requirements - What You Need to Know

At the end of January, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed into law legislation that will create licensing requirements for both pool & spa builders and pool & spa service contractors working in the State.   

Find out answers to frequently asked questions below and view the full license requirements here.

Why were these licenses created?

These licenses were created to ensure that people building or servicing pools and spas have a basic knowledge on safe chemical handling and use, proper sanitation, safe design, and layers of protect against drowning.  By establishing a minimum level of training required for a pool contractor to work with electricity in and around a pool as well as other equipment including heaters, pumps, drain covers and essential barriers to pool entry - this license will markedly increase safety for everyone who works or plays around a pool or spa.  

What role did NESPA have in the creation of this license?

Instead of having a license created without the input of the industry, NESPA made the decision to play an active role in the creation of the New Jersey pool license.  We were able to apply the lessons learned from licenses required around our region to the development of the New Jersey license. 

NESPA continues to advocate on behalf of the industry for a fair and successful implementation of this law. 

The effective date for this license is July 30, 2019.  How do I apply for my license?

NESPA continues to meet with relevant government agencies regarding the implementation of these licenses. There are still several steps that need to be put in place including the development of the regulations that will govern the process for application, renewal and enforcement.  Based on conversations with State Officials and their experience implementing other licenses in New Jersey, we believe that the July 30th date effective date is very ambitious.


As of publication of this article there is no process put into place by the State of New Jersey to put in an application to receive your builders or service contractor license.  We encourage all companies doing work in New Jersey to regularly check the NESPA website for updates.  We will also be sharing any information we receive on the licensing process with our members through via email.  

What certifications are pool builders and installers required to have to get licensed?

Pool & Spa Builder/Installer will be required to hold an APSP Certified Building Professional designation.  The law allows for other equivalent certifications but non-have been approved at this time.   view full details here

What certifications are pool service contractors required to have to get licensed?

Pool & Spa Service Contractor will be required hold an APSP Certified Service Technician (CST) designation at minimum.  The APSP Certified Service Professional (CSP) designation or APSP Certified Builder Professional (CBP) would also be accepted. view full details here

What if I exclusively service Hot Tubs and Spas?

Service contractors who only work with hot tubs and spas can get licensed if they hold an APSP Certified Hot Tub Technician designation. 

What about my employees in the field?

As written in the law, employees in the field not under the direct supervision of a licensee will be required to have three years of practical experience and be an APSP Certified Maintenance Specialist (CMS).  Exemptions to this include those employees simply cleaning pool equipment and components, pool vacuuming, sanitation of water, and backwash filtration – training for these services can be done by the licensee to the employee.  There area of “direct” supervision in the new law is one that we are continuing to seek clarification on from the State.

Is there a grace or grandfathering period available with this new law?

For 24 months after the effective date of the law there will be a “grace” period where it is not necessary to achieve the certifications if the following can be met

  • References from at least 1 trade-related business and 1 financial institution to verify business existence
  • Certificate of good standing less than 30 days old from the Secretary of State of NJ or State where the company is incorporated
  • 3 current references from APSP members attesting to knowledge, and skills as a service contractor OR builder/installer

Does this license need to be renewed at some point?

The license must be renewed every three years.  Continuing education requirements for renewal will be determined by the State Licensing Advisory Committee

What can we do now?

If you have any questions regarding how the New Jersey license will impact your business, contact our staff for assistance at 609.689.9111. They can walk you through what is required and talk you through your training options.

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