Speaking with One Voice

The Northeast Pool & Spa Association is your voice on legislation and regulations impacting our industry. NESPA GRAC monitors legislative action across the region and represents the pool and spa industry when these important actions are being debated.




NESPA's Government Relations Action Committee (GRAC) brings together dedicated member volunteers and lobbyists on behalf of our members to oppose onerous over-regulation and advocate for our industry. We have important relationships with Federal, State and local officials and are in regular contact to share our industry’s perspective on legislation. 

The Government Relations Action Committee consists of representatives from each of our four chapters.  If you have questions about legislation and government regulations contact NESPA at 609-689-9111.

Member Benefit: Benchmark Payment Network
Alcide Guzman

Member Benefit: Benchmark Payment Network


Eliminate or significantly reduce your credit card processing costs. As a NESPA member, you can now take advantage of Benchmark's newly expanded payment processing solutions. Benchmark provides electronic payment services to merchants in all 50 states and Canada. Using Benchmark, NESPA members have a cost-effective approach to merchant bank processing, ACH/E-check processing, and credit card processing with cutting-edge technologies. You will never have to wait on hold with Benchmark's 3-tier approach to customer service.

Benchmark delivers reliable and secure payment solutions to help NESPA member businesses compete in this ever-evolving competitive industry. Benchmark has been NESPA's exclusive credit card processor for over 12 years, saving members millions of dollars.


Benchmark delivers reliable and secure payment solutions to help NESPA members succeed

Reduce your credit card processing fees


  • Electronic payment services in all 50 States and Canada
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • ACH/E- check processing
  • Contactless payments
  • Dedicated customer support
  • QuickBooks and other accounting software integrations
  • Integration with many CRMs
  • Guaranteed Savings


Eliminate your Credit Card processing fees


  • Take payments in-store/office, online, or at the job site
  • No contracts
  • Compliant in all 50 US States
  • Seamless change with no downtime
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Free Terminal

Benchmark keeps you current with the latest security and fraud prevention techniques and credit card technology.

Member benefits:

  • As a NESPA Member, there are NO setup, start-up, or cancellation fees of any kind
  • Once you are signed with Benchmark, if anyone comes along with a lower rate in writing; Benchmark will match it
  • 20% of the revenue that gets generated goes back to NESPA as NESPA is a not-for-profit organization
  • Benchmark is currently offering a free cost analysis
  • Benchmark has been NESPA's exclusive credit card processor for 12 years.


Requirements to begin: Submit a copy of a recent credit card processing statement for review.

For more information on this program, please contact:

Steven Axman  

(P) 917-642-5379


www.gobpn.comTo learn more about NESPA'S member benefits, visit https://www.nespapool.org/NESPA-Membership/Exclusive-Money-Savings-Programs




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