Speaking with One Voice

The Northeast Pool & Spa Association is your voice on legislation and regulations impacting our industry. NESPA GRAC monitors legislative action across the region and represents the pool and spa industry when these important actions are being debated.




NESPA's Government Relations Action Committee (GRAC) brings together dedicated member volunteers and lobbyists on behalf of our members to oppose onerous over-regulation and advocate for our industry. We have important relationships with Federal, State and local officials and are in regular contact to share our industry’s perspective on legislation. 

The Government Relations Action Committee consists of representatives from each of our four chapters.  If you have questions about legislation and government regulations contact NESPA at 609-689-9111.

Benchmark Your Business Operations: PHTA Survey
Alcide Guzman

Benchmark Your Business Operations: PHTA Survey

Benchmark Your Business Operations: PHTA Survey

Drive Business Decisions with Data! Participate in the confidential PHTA Business Operations Survey, an annual benchmarking tool for the pool and hot tub industry, and open the door to new business insight that will take your business to the next level.

When you submit your company data confidentially, you will receive a personalized report that will provide you with a valuable benchmark comparison between your company and the overall industry at no cost to you.

  • Identify important industry trends. Make informed decisions.
  • Compare your sales data, staffing levels, and costs, and business performance. Measure your efforts.
  • Receive a custom report with aggregated survey data, company performance, access to searchable online results, and an interactive report card. Track your performance.











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