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Set It and Forget It: Automating Your Pool & Spa Has Never Been Easier

Today’s pools and spas have it all—beauty, sophistication and a high level of 21st century technology that makes the daily routine of operating the equipment and accessories no more difficult than pushing a few buttons. “New automation options eliminate the inconvenience of trips to pool or spa equipment to reset timer clocks and thermostats,” said Kyle H. Chaikin, Long Island Chapter of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association (NESPA). READ MORE

March into Spring! Five Features to Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Today

Memorial Day Weekend may traditionally be the time when the barbecue is cleaned off, fired up and the pool and spa is opened for the summer season. But why wait for another two months for the activities to begin when you can start enjoying your backyard today with these five fun features?  READ MORE

Wise Winterizing: Protecting Your Pool

All good things must come to an end. For swimming pool owners in the Northeastern U.S., the onset of cool, autumn air signals the end of summer splashing. It’s also time to begin preparing a pool to weather winter’s cold – so that, next summer, the fun can begin again. READ MORE

Pool Lighting Takes Center Stage

Back in the day, pool lighting was a strictly practical pool element for those who enjoyed an evening swim. Not so, today, as lighting technology and options have taken lighting from a safety item to an aesthetic feature with limitless possibilities. “Safety is still key, but modern pool and spa lighting options are also about beauty and entertainment,” says David Katz, owner and president of Elite Landscaping in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. READ MORE

Layers of Protection Best for Pool Safety

With summer in full swing, families have already been spending quality time enjoying their backyard and community pools.  The best way for adults and children to enjoy the fun and health benefits of pools and spas is through layers of pool safety protection. READ MORE

Expanded Spa Options Soothe Mind, Body and Spirit

What’s bigger than a hot tub, smaller than a pool, but offers the benefits of both? It’s a new generation of spas that delivers something for everyone, whether your interest is relaxation, therapy, fitness or fun with friends and family. According to Denise Migliacco, manager of Pool & Spa Place in Cranberry, N.J. READ MORE

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The Northeast Spa & Pool Association is the Northeast affiliate of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP). Founded in 1958, the nonprofit association represents the pool and spa industry in the Northeast and serves members through extensive training programs, safety promotions, design competitions and compliance education. 

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