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2019 Outstanding Achievement Awards - Service Competition

2019 Service Competition

DON'T FORGET! As your season starts up, be sure to collect customers' email addresses. NESPA will contact your customer via email and send a link to an online survey that must be completed for this competition.

Monday, September 16th


Monday, October 14th


Service Competition Rules  | Enter Now! 

Judging Procedure

Each entrant must select ten customers who will be sent a form to rate its company in 6 categories of service:
  • The company’s performance when servicing the customer’s pool
  • The response time to any problems that may have occurred with the customer’s pool
  • The company’s service department
  • The company’s employees that service the customer’s pool (friendliness, appearance, communication, etc.)
  • If the customer would recommend the company to a friend or neighbor
  • The overall performance of the company in the past year.

The company will be required to select the customers they wish to use based on forms provided by NESPA. Three random letters will be chosen by NESPA, and the company is to provide ten customers and four optional with a surname starting with each random letter. NESPA will send the judging forms ten of the customers provided by the company and tabulate the scores entered when returned by the customer. If we don’t hear from some of the ten customers by the second survey we will send the survey to the four optional names given.

Award Winning Companies

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