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Pennsylvania: Codes, Standards & Regulations

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Uniform Construction Code Review and Advisory Council (RAC) made the recommendation not to consider the 2012 I-Codes and keep in place the 2009 I-Codes which includes the International Building Code (IBC), Section 3109 on Swimming Pools and the International Residential Code (IRC), Appendix G. The 2008 NEC, section 680, is also in effect.

As part of the RAC’s review, a report submission is required by the council prior to the recommendation. There has been considerable pressure by lobbying groups in the state that the RAC needs to submit a written justification on each of the sections of the 2012 code. This will become very important as the new 2015 code will begin review shortly.

Important Links
  • PA Department of Labor and Industry
  • PA Uniform Construction Code
  • PA Department of Environmental Protection
  • PA Department of Health
  • Referenced ANSI/APSP Standards
  • Residential Codes

    PA Uniform Construction Code 2009 International Residential (IRC) Code  

    2008 National Electrical Code

    Order Referenced ANSI/APSP Standards

    • 3 - 1999 Permanent Residential Spas 
    • 4 - 1999 Aboveground Pools 
    • 5 - 2003 Residential Pools 
    • 6 - 1999 Portable Spas 
    • 7 - 2006 Suction Entrapment Avoidance 
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