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Our Grantees In Action

The NESPA Foundation is pleased to announce recent grant awards!

The NESPA Foundation (The Foundation) has recently awarded grants to two educational programs that provide children with life-saving water skills while introducing them to a life-long love of swimming.  Both grantees are long-time partners with The Foundation and have a proven track record of results. 

KidSwim Long Island was awarded a $4,600 grant from The Foundation which will be used to expand its water safety initiative KidSwim is a water safety program focused on educating pre-school and elementary school aged children on the rules of water safety. Over the past 3 years, the program has given out more than 100,000 water safety booklets while performing more than 150 water safety book readings, character/ puppet shows and assemblies. KidSwim has already reached over 37,000 children ranging from nursery school-age to the 5th grade.  

“Long Island has over 600 miles of shoreline and it’s estimated that one in six Long Island homes has a swimming pool,” said CJ DelVaglio, former President of LIPSA. “The chance that children in our community will be near water is very high.  KidSwim gives them the tools they need to be safer not just in the summer but year-round. With the support of The NESPA Foundation, we look forward to another successful season of teaching children in Long Island about water safety.”

The Foundation has also awarded a $5,000 grant to New York State’s Learn to Swim Program in support of its sixth season of the “Learn to Swim” Initiative. The Learn to Swim program encourages New Yorkers with age-eligible children to sign up for free swimming lessons that are  focused on getting kids acquainted with the water in a safe and fun way.  Since its start in 2013, the Learn to Swim Program has grown each year and expanded its reach to serve low-income urban inner-city communities, as well as rural populations across all of New York State where swimming options and instruction are limited.

“New York State’s Learn to Swim program is a truly remarkable accomplishment that started with just 2 Parks in 2013 and will grow to over 30 parks in 2018,” said Rose Harvey, Commissioner, New York State Parks.  “Through the support of the NESPA Foundation, we have been able to provide swimming lessons to over 3,500 kids and we look forward to seeing that number climb this summer.”

“The Foundation is thrilled to support these fantastic programs focused on providing our children and their families with key water safety information,” said NESPA Foundation President, John Lochren.  “Long Island Kid Swim and NYS’s Learn to Swim Program fit perfectly with our Foundation’s mission. Starting with water safety and then taking the next step of learning to swim, we look forward to this next generation of swimmers using recreational swimming as an outlet for both fun and exercise.”

The Foundation awards Grants on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Grant requests can be submitted at any time during the year. If you would like to be considered for a grant, please send a letter of interest to the Foundation.

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