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Different Industry Certifications


The APSP Builder Education and Certification Program

These are just a few of the many benefits described by pool/spa industry professionals who have participated in the CBP Program. Successfully completing the APSP CBP Certified Building Professional® Program also enhances the professional identity of the APSP builder member in the eyes of the consumer and can provide a competitive advantage in a challenging business environment.  The program requires that the builder adhere to strict ethical standards and have a commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and construction, business stability, and superior customer relations. This designation is held by an elite subset of pool and spa builders in the country who have met all of the program requirements and continue to advance their knowledge by participating in ongoing industry continuing education as a requirement of re-certification.

CMS Certified Maintenance Specialist

If you’re new to the pool/spa service industry, you’ll want to pursue the APSP CMS Certified Maintenance Specialist certification. There are no pre-requisites for seeking this certification, so new and seasonal employees are welcome, and the curriculum is covered inapproximately 16 hours of instruction (2-1/2 day live program). Individuals who work a pool maintenance route may also want to pursue this certification. The curriculum and open-book, multiple choice exam focuses on 4 key areas - Safety, Pool Circulation and Filtration, Pool Maintenance, and Water Quality – but the course also covers important topics such as electrical systems, pool structures and finishes, heaters and controls, and customer service.

CST Certified Service Technician

The APSP CST Certified Service Technician program does not require that you meet work experience pre-requisites, but, please understand, this course is much more in-depth than the Certified Maintenance Specialist program. You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in pool/spa service and repair to expect to be successful on the certification exam. The course is approximately 4-1/2 days in length and the exam requires the ability to apply your technical knowledge to situations encountered in the field. As such, this program demands a level of technical knowledge that only comes with on-the-job experience.

CSP Certified Service Professional ®

If you have 5 years or more of advanced level technical service repair and troubleshooting experience, as well as 24 hours of continuing education courses*, the CSP Certified Service Professional® is the appropriate level for certification testing for you. You can sit for the exam anytime throughout the year at a testing location near you, or you may want to plan to attend our Exam Prep Course and sit for the exam at one of the upcoming pool/spa shows. In either case, passing the exam will earn you the pool industry’s premier professional designation for Service pros. 
Certified Pool/Spa Operator® 

CPO® certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. The Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification program has delivered more training than any other program in the pool and spa industry since 1972, resulting in more than 282,000 successful CPO® certifications in 64 countries. Many state and local health departments accept the CPO® certification program.


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