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PSI Spa & Pool Trades Candidate Information Bulletin | Swimming Pool Assembler Application

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection - Regulations for the Swimming Pool Assemblers License

The Grandfathering Period  Ended  on December 31, 2016

If you apply ...

  • Before December 31st-   You do not have to take the state test.  You still have to complete the application, pay the fee and provide the required document as outlined on the application.
  • After December 31st - You will be required to take the state test (unless you already hold an SP-1 or SP-B License).  You will also need to complete the application including all documentation and pay the fee.

More information about the Above Ground Pool Assembler's License is below.

Questions about how this new license will impact your business?  Contact NESPA at 609-689-9111




On June 30
th, the Governor of Connecticut signed into law a new Above Ground Pool Assembler’s License.  This new law prohibits a person from assembling an above ground swimming pool unless such person holds a swimming pool assembler's license issued by the Commissioner of Consumer Protection.

This bill was introduced in the legislature by House Speaker, Brendan Sharkey.  The Speaker introduced the bill in response to concerns raised by a municipal building inspector. This inspector reported that he had seen numerous problems with above ground pools being assembled by contractors with limited or no understanding of the National Electrical Code Article 680 as well as safety barrier requirements which was creating a hazardous situation for consumers in the state.

The license was developed to ensure that above ground pool assemblers receive training in relevant codes and regulations and to ultimately protect the public.

“Because of CONSPA’s years of working with our state government, we learned of this proposed license early on and were able to raise several concerns with the original draft,” said Bob Russell, CONSPA president.  “Our relationships with state legislators made it possible for us to protect our members and make sure that the law that ultimately passed would be good for our industry and help make consumers safer.”

Legislative battles CONSPA/NESPA won for the industry

  • Those in the aboveground pool business will not be forced to meet the same licensing standards as those building municipal/ commercial pools.
  • The law includes an exemption from  the above ground license exam as well as continuing education for SP1 (Limited Spa and Pool Contractors) and SPB (Swimming Pool Builder) license holders.  This victory saves these license holders significant time and money that would be required to take prerequisite courses, exams and continuing education for the Above Ground Pool Assemblers License.
  • Initially, through legislative error, the wrong version of the bill was passed by the legislature.  It was because of CONSPA Government Relations Action Committee’s relationships with elected officials in the State that this error was corrected quickly through special session.


“This was a team effort by the volunteers of CONSPA and NESPA’s Government Relations Committee,” said Ray Rescildo, CONSPA Government Relations Committee Chair. “Hours upon hours were spent meeting with legislators and reviewing all aspects of the proposed law.  I’m thankful that over the years, CONSPA has developed such strong relationships with our legislators.  Without those connections, we would be dealing with a much different law which would have negatively impacted our industry.”
Under the new Above Ground Pool Assembler’s License, an "above-ground swimming pool" is defined as any structure intended for swimming that is assembled above ground and is greater than twenty-four inches in depth.  A “swimming pool assembler" is defined as a person, who for financial compensation, assembles an above-ground swimming pool.  The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) will provide details on educational requirements needed to receive the Above Ground Pool Assembler’s License by or before April 1, 2016.  As part of these regulations, DCP will outline the requirements to be grandfathered into the license. This will allow those who meet identified training and experience requirements to receive the license without the initial exam. The grandfathering period will end January 1, 2017. 

The Northeast Pool & Spa Association (NESPA), and its Chapters, serve as the industry’s voice on legislation and regulations impacting our membership. The Association monitors legislative action across the region and represents the pool and spa industry when these important actions are being debated.  Through this ongoing government relations efforts, NESPA has developed important relationships with Federal, State and local officials and is able to share our industry’s perspective on legislation as it is being debated. 


READ THE LAW HERE (scroll down; bill is highlighted in yellow)

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